About Ruth

So … here is a cheesy therapist-y photo of me.

I’m glad to tell you all about myself … but I’m guessing what you really want to know is: “Is this a therapist who knows what she is doing AND that I will actually enjoy working with every week?”

You’re in the midst of looking up different therapists because you are feeling the strain of day to day encounters with folks. Maybe it’s because you don’t feel like you know or can express who you are, what you need or what you want. Maybe it’s because you are noticing a pattern in your interactions with others and you feel DONE. Maybe you just can’t seem to keep your emotions at a manageable level and it’s affecting ALL THE THINGS.

But before you completely give-up on yourself and your relationships, you are willing to try this therapy thing.  

You have a deep inner knowing that can show you the way. My job is to act as a compass, a guidepost, a flashlight … pick a metaphor. I’ve studied the map and have some trail patches on my pack. Using the foundation of mindfulness and behavioral therapy, I will teach you the skills to uncover your own wisdom, voice and direction. As a being in human form, you are meant to experience courage, exploration and joy.

ruth@centerforlifeskills.org           (864) 760-4086

Let’s start the journey!

215 Society Street,
Anderson, SC 29621

(864) 760-4086

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